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Zhejiang Bangzhao Electric Co.,Ltd
Zhejiang Bangzhao Electric Co., Ltd.
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    Zhejiang Bangzhao Electric Co., Ltd. is engaged in scientific research, development, production and service in the field of power supply. It is loved by some customers for its complete variety and excellent service. Currently, the products developed by the company basically cover power supply products, which represent the level of power supply manufacturing. The main products are: lithium battery inverters, off-grid inverters, DC to AC inverters, photovoltaic water pump inverters, photovoltaic oil pumping oil and electricity treasures, photovoltaic lightning protection combiner boxes, solar controllers, wind controllers, Voltage converters, single three-phase converters, wind and solar hybrid controllers, generators and other series......

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Zhejiang Bangzhao Electric Co., Ltd.
No. 66, Binhai South Fourth Road, Economic Development Zone, Yueqing City, Zhejiang Province, China
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